Selective rack


Selective Racking System

The storage systems at maximum efficiency with minimum cost and allows access to all pallets direct access to 100% of the shares and turnover as well. Pallet can access and mobility, to be able to handle palletised goods quickly. A fine beam and easily accommodate the height of pallet types. Pallets can be placed on a lower floor for storage. This reduces the cost of the structure. You can also raise the bar for a handful of basic as well.

Features and intended use

- customers have access to 100% of the product, whether any point of the model. Sea shelves Marek active.

- Maximum load capacity ranging from 500 to 2,000 kg / set.

- Can be installed Shelves Full FC Terek Active Rack up to 12 meters (depending on usage Battery client).

- Adjust panel antenna is easy. And support the pallet formats.

- Volkswagen bus has space for an elevator from 2.7 to 4 meters (depending on usage Battery client).


Industrial use Sea shelves Marek active.

- Publishing Industry

- Furniture Industry

- Industrial Chemicals

- Industrial parts manufacturer Electro Nick.

- manufacture of automotive components. 

- Food and Beverages

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