Automated Storage / Retrieval System (AS/RS)

AS/RS (Automated Storage / Retrieval System)

AS / RS (Automated Storage / Retrieval System) is a storage system that uses a PLC system to control inventory and automate  
its stores are constantly moving. You can slip the cable car moves vertically and horizontally. 
The system was then used automated. A system that improves performance on product management. It also does not require a lot of manpower management. This reduces the possibility of errors in the working class ever. 
However, the importation Or you can cut out its work through the system at all. Without having to sit around for a new one.

Features and intended use

- customers have access to 100% of the product, whether any point of the model. shelf

- Maximum load capacity ranging from 500 to 2,000 kg / set.

- Can be installed Rack up a fully automated warehouse.

- Get paid through automation products. Do not come back key information.

- using less manpower

- energy lighting could not be used at all.

AS / RS (Automated Storage / Retrieval System).

- Publishing Industry

- Food Industry

- Industrial Chemicals

- Industrial parts manufacturer Electro Nick.

- manufacture of automotive components. 

- Logistic Industry


Vertical Rotator & Vertical Lifter

Vertical Rotator Is a storage system for storing products or materials layered Stacked together in a basket By working as a rotation of each layer according to the cycle of the machine. It is motorized, controlled via PLC or

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Sorter System

Cross Belt Sorter is a kind of conveyor sorting system with high efficiency, high speed, low power consumption, low noise.

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Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyor systems are mainly used for transporting goods or materials that are heavy for most systems, hydraulics can. Adjustable height levels. Most of the top is flat like a table or shelf products such as pallets (pallets), a square box. And container industry These belts are divided into Single chain or double chain in the selection of appropriate infrastructure and other industries.

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Industrial Mezzanine (Mezzanine Floor)

Industrial Mezzanine ( Mezzanine Floor ) was added to the mezzanine area from the shelves. Which can be divided into 2 or 3 or more floors to the needs of customers in the area by the high efficiency of the company's Thailand International format. Limiting the usefulness and safety first.

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