Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Conveyor systems are used belts to transport the material of the belt (the handle) to choose from, as appropriate, industry and infrastructure, which have different properties, such as high durability, can withstand high friction, can withstand temperature. high or low, moisture resistant, oil resistant, chemical resistant and so on. 

Belt Conveyor, high-performance products are designed for a wide range of goods such as food or other lightweight belt of this type can be used in a variety of formats. The system is suitable for the production of a length. Or for connection between different processes to reduce production costs, such as sorting, processing and so on.


Features and intended use 

  • Suitable products
  • Maximum weight
  • Can elevators (speed)
  • It can withstand temperatures ranging from
  • Suitable for transporting goods distance




Industrial use 

  • publication
  • auto parts
  • furniture
  • Food and drink
  • electronics



Sorter System

Cross Belt Sorter is a kind of conveyor sorting system with high efficiency, high speed, low power consumption, low noise.

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Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyor systems are mainly used for transporting goods or materials that are heavy for most systems, hydraulics can. Adjustable height levels. Most of the top is flat like a table or shelf products such as pallets (pallets), a square box. And container industry These belts are divided into Single chain or double chain in the selection of appropriate infrastructure and other industries.

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Industrial Mezzanine (Mezzanine Floor)

Industrial Mezzanine ( Mezzanine Floor ) was added to the mezzanine area from the shelves. Which can be divided into 2 or 3 or more floors to the needs of customers in the area by the high efficiency of the company's Thailand International format. Limiting the usefulness and safety first.

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