Introduction to Automation


Automation is any system or mechanism that can be started on its own. By running the program placed. Such as automatic watering system Automatic answering system Automation May be used as a computer or electronic control device to work properly when planned or programmed by a human.

Types of Automatic Machines There are two types.
1. Semi-automatic machines are machines that bring computers to control or work in some stages, so that we can control certain types of work such as high-risk work. The work that requires precision, etc. The remaining steps will continue to be the work of people.

2. Automated machinery includes machines that bring computers to control or work in all stages. The workers are responsible for the maintenance of the machine only. All automatic machinery is suitable for the job that requires full control. Whether it is quality or clean. It is also used in jobs that can not be used by people, such as jobs that require a higher temperature than people can tolerate.


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