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Double Deep Rack System

Double deep racking system is similar to Selective Racking System but they are different in layout. Single row, which is near wall, will be a pair. It is called “Single Deep Double Row”. Moreover, rack in the middle will be double from 2 racks into 4 racks. This is called “Double Deep Double Row”. This system has storage space more than selective racking system around 20 percent.

Purpose and qualification

  • Access to products: 50 percent
  • Bearing capacity:500-1,000 kg / UL
  • Upright accessible to 9 meter
  • Width of driveway from 2.8 to 3.5 meters (depending on forklift types)
  • It is best to store the same product at two or more pallets.
  • This system requires special forklift.
  • This system has storage processes slower than selective racking system.

Commonly used industries

  • Plastic bottle
  • Food and beverage
  • Chemical

Double Deep Rack System