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Continuous Lifts

Continuous Lifts are the solution to elevate or lower containers, boxes, trays, packages, bags, luggage, Pallets and other articles from one level to another in a continuous high speed and high capacity operation.

Vertical Continuous Lifts are available as Z-Type models which can convey up to 30 items per min. or as C-Type models which can convey up to 24 items per min. The actual possible capacity depends on the size of the item conveyed. Item loads can range from under 1Kgs to over 50 Kgs Per tray

The conveyors can be used for upward direction, downward direction and combined upward and downward direction. The Vertical Lifts can be as high as 30 m.

Vertical Continuous Lifts are available in many sizes to match your product dimensions and minimize the space needed for the conveyor. Every Vertical Conveyor is designed to match your needs. Made from standardized sections we will match your on site requirements for each conveyor.

Vertical Continuous Lifts have lower Power requirements, and less needs for servicing and maintenance compared to conventional conveying systems.

Continuous Lifts