Shelving & Micro rack

Small shelves  (Shelving) or shelves Micro (Micro Rack).

Rack end, small shops (Shelving) or shelves Micro (Micro Rack) is suitable for narrow space. And with not much weight by the company. Matt Thailand International Limited is designed to suit the needs of customers or product area.


Features and intended use

  • It is best to store smaller items. Or building parts that are smaller, such as bolts, screws or other.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Mezzanine Floor.
  • You can format them according to a variety of clients living.
  • Less space
  • For the allocation of space in the store. To store various raw materials.



Industrial use Small shelves  (Shelving) or shelves Micro (Micro Rack).

  • furniture
  • automotive parts
  • Nick piece electrode.
  • pharmaceutical industry


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