Double Deep Racking

Double Deep Racking

Double Deep Racking System  is a store similar to the system Select Active Rack but different layout (Layout) by rack-type single row against the wall. it will bring together a row (Single Deep Double row) the rack row is a row of double (Double Deep Double row), which rack type, this adds more storage space than the system Select Active rack. Walking about 20 percent



Features and intended use

  • Only 50 percent have access to the product.
  • Suitable for the storage of goods in common by two or more pallets.
  • Maximum weight of 500-1,000 kg per pallet.
  • You can store up to 9 meters high.
  • The long driveway from 8 to 3.5 meters, depending on the type of lifts VW.
  • Volkswagen Lifts must be filed with tusks - out.
  • Storage system Slower than the Select Active Rack system booking.

Industrial use Double Deep Rack 

  • plastic bottle
  • Food and drink
  • chemical




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