Continueus Lift

Elevators lift its continuous (ฺContinueus Lift)

Elevators lift its ongoing As an alternative to transport goods such as boxes, trays, packages, bags, pallets and other from one floor to another at high speed constantly. And transporting large volumes 
Elevators lift its continuous vertical are two versions of the Z-type rate of conveyor speed continuous 30 pieces per minute, and the C-type rate of conveyor speed continuous 24 pieces per minute, which effectively conveying this up. the size And the weight of goods transported from 1-50 kg per piece.




Conveyor system can be used for transport in the upward direction, downward direction and up and down. The vertical lift can carry up to 30 meters high 
elevator lift its continuous vertical sizes to match the size of your product. And to reduce the space required for elevators. Design vertical conveyor is designed according to meet your needs. And capable of transporting each category. 

Elevators lift its continuous vertical. A conveyor system that saves energy. And no maintenance compared to conventional conveyor systems.




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