Automation is any system or mechanism that can be started on its own. By running the program placed. Such as automatic watering system Automatic answering system Automation May be used as a computer or electronic control device to work properly when planned or programmed by a human.

Types of Automatic Machines There are two types.
1. Semi-automatic machines are machines that bring computers to control or work in some stages, so that we can control certain types of work such as high-risk work. The work that requires precision, etc. The remaining steps will continue to be the work of people.

2. Automated machinery includes machines that bring computers to control or work in all stages. The workers are responsible for the maintenance of the machine only. All automatic machinery is suitable for the job that requires full control. Whether it is quality or clean. It is also used in jobs that can not be used by people, such as jobs that require a higher temperature than people can tolerate.


              Industrial automation Has played a very important role in the development. Production methods that reduce costs. Better quality control of production. Increase production capacity And the production is highly reliable. Today, many companies are focusing on the development of production systems to automation systems using automation machines. From RawMaterial Preparation to Logistic


Another factor in the deployment of rack (Racking System)
          is indispensable for storage in a warehouse that is the most important. Shelves of various kinds, be it shelves a FC Terek Active Drive-In Mobile Rack Rack Rack Rack Double Deep, a large shelf that is not paved on each floor. There will be only after the beams for the weight of the pallet and goods.

Programmable logic Control : PLC

      It is a device that controls the operation of the machine or the work process. The internal microprocessor. The PLC is an important input and output that can be used. Sensors or switches. It is connected to the input. The output is used to control the operation of the target device or machine. We can create a circuit or a type of control by entering a command program into a PLC. It can also be used with other devices, such as barcode readers, printers. In addition to the PLC It can be used alone (Stand alone) and can connect multiple PLCs (Network) to control the operation of the system to be more effective, it is seen that the use of P LC is very flexible in many industrial plants. Switch to PLC.


Selective Rack

Shelves pick a product known as English as Selective Rack the model, also known as the Pallet Racking is a shelf with storage of goods on pallets. Which allows for easy movement of goods. Users can pick and choose the products they need immediately. Easy to store and inventory control needs. It also helps management Area to take advantage of the area has to offer. The shelves of this type can be designed structure. By living according to your needs and can design according to the type of storage used again. Both handle the weight of the cargo is heavy as well. That's why, the shelves of Selective Rack  the industry has been the most popular in all sectors.


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