Mezzanine floor /ระบบจัดเก็บสินค้าแบบชั้นลอย Untitled Document
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Mezzanine floor /ระบบจัดเก็บสินค้าแบบชั้นลอย

Mezzanine floor


Mezzanine floor /ระบบจัดเก็บสินค้าแบบชั้นลอย



Mezzanine floors or platform is a special area to enable the full working height of a building


to be utilized to its maximum by doubling or tripling the surface areas.


Thaiintermat Co. Ltd. can design this system to be suitable for customer’s warehouse space effectively.


Purpose and qualification


- Mezzanine floors can be used as storage areas, fabrication areas, packing areas and offices among the many other uses.


- Bearing capacity: 300-1,000 kg / square meter


- Upright accessible 4 to 18 meters


Commonly used industries


- Publishing


- Furniture


- Electronics


- Plastic


- Automotive parts